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My Mini-Seedcamp Experience with Stamplay

seedcampStamplay attended Mini-Seedcamp in Kiev this week. It was a great experience. In an event like this you meet a lot of mentors with various degrees of experience and knowledge all packed in a half day.

I’m always amazed at how much time it takes to create a seemingly simple 3-minute presentation. I’m sharing mine with you, so that you can see how we managed to pack all the most relevant information about problem, product, market and revenue model in this very short presentation.  (Unfortunately the cameramen was not so experienced in shooting video with an iPhone)

Many good ideas there were and teams are always very friendly in this kind of events.  Finally, though, it was our turn.  I walked in, I gave our pitch, and we answered few questions. Mentors got perfectly the point so their comments were more advices than real questions and this is a sign that the presentation was pretty clear.

This is not our first networking event or european level pitch competition but is always useful to validate your product with different mindsets. We came home with great feedback and pretty confident that we have been shortlisted for the Seedcamp week in Berlin.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for some exciting updates from us!
To all the teams and mentors we met at Seedcamp, it was nice meeting you all and hope we can keep in touch. Also, thanks to the organizer Philipp. And of course good luck to other cool startup like Advice wallet, Skwibl, Attendify, Petcube and Endorphin